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Pure Salt for Ladies

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Pure Salt for Ladies
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Ladies Pure Salt is a 96 hours pure salt and is strictly for ladies health problems. It is used to clean up inside the vagina, cervix and uterus and is popular with young and old ladies but is NOT suitable for pregnant ladies. Diseases that can be treated with Ladies Pure Salt include painful period (endometriosis), vaginal and cervical infection (leucorrhea), post confinement clean-up, cyst, fibroid and infertility. Each set comprise of 4 small plastic container with 4 Ladies Pure Salt pellet in each container (total 16 pellets). Usage is based on inserting 1 pellet each time in ladies internal (just before sleep) for 3 consecutive nights. For serious internal problems usage is based on 1, 2, 3 pellets for 3 consecutive nights. Ladies Pure Salt can be used for ladies internal health maintenance by using just after each monthly period.
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Heated to 1000 deegrees Celcius for 96 hours Treatment of ladies problems like painful period, vaginal discharge, and infertility
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