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Aluminium Cupping Pen (3-Heads) and 50 Needle Lancets

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Aluminium Cupping Pen (3-Heads) and 50 Needle Lancets
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Please take note that cupping pen and needle lancets CANNOT be sent via courier service (no problem with normal air mail) as needle lancets are considered sharp and therefore dangerous products. The cost of one cupping pen and 50 pieces needle lancets shown in this webpage include cost of ordinary air mail only and request from shipment via courier service cannot be entertained.

This aluminium cupping pen (3-heads) and 50 needle lancets is of great help for busy cupping practitioner who needs to perform cupping quickly. With its 3-heads the cupping pen can prick 3 holes each time thus speeding up the cupping process. However each prick is shared by 3 lancets and thus result in less skin penetration when compared to metal cupping pen. The aluminium cupping pen is durable and is specially designed for blood cupping to safely extract stagnated or congested blood from the patient’s body. The lancet has a plastic base with an embedded broad and curved pointed stainless steel tip which prick the skin up to 2 mm deep. Adjustment of lancet penetration into the skin is possible by full or partial twisting the end of the cupping pen. Cupping pressure exerted by the lancet on the skin is maintained at a constant level by a spring loaded mechanism in the cupping pen. 

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Specially designed pen and lancet for blood and aggressive cupping Safe and highly practical tools to maximise removal of stagnated blood
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