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Cancer of epithelial cells (carcinoma)


ترجمة من الانكليزية الى العربية من فضلك جوجل فوق ترجمة 'اختر اللغة' التبويب (أعلى الزاوية اليسرى) واختيار اللغة العربية من القائمة.
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Welcome to my website and I hope you enjoy reading the various articles related to Cupping (hijama or bekam) and Pure Salt therapy which amongst others can treat and/or cure disases like stroke, heart disease, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, alzheimer, kidney disease, liver disease, hepatitis,  infertility, skin diseases, migraine, back pain, arthritis, IBS, heartburn, and relief aches and pain. Every month we will publish the 'Cupping and Pure Salt Newsletter' which will bring you information on a specific disease and its treatment which I hope will generate subscribers' Q & A as well as sharing of knowledge and experience via our forum section. Note that this therapy is most effective if it is complemented with regular exercise, breathing fresh air, drinking distilled water (not filtered or mineral water), good nutrition, stress reduction programs and a healthy lifestyle.

In this second article for Health News I would like to highlight about cancer which is one of the top three causes of mortality (death) in developed countries . There are more than one hundred types of cancer which affects various tissues & organs, blood and lymphatics and skin. There is a sense of despair, anger, anxiety when someone is diagnosed with cancer because many people associate cancer with suffering, pain and ultimately death. Modern medicine has made great strides in the war against certain types of cancer like childhood leukemia, skin, prostate and colon cancer but not against others like lung, brain, pancreas and liver cancer. The likelihood of cure increase with early diagnosis and treatment i.e before the cancer has grown to large enough size that press against and cause damage to neighbouring tissues and organs. The other concern is that the cancer has already metastasize (spread) to neighbouring and distant tissues and organs. General symptoms of cancer include persistent fatigue, unintentional weight loss, prolonged fever or infection, and changes to the skin ( jaundice, darkening of skin, abnormal hair growth, skin itchiness).    

Cancer is a very difficult disease to treat because it is a disease that involve your cell genes that control cell multiplication. Survival rate (doctors call it remission) varies depending on type and stage of cancer. For example about 49 percent, or about half, of people diagnosed with early-stage lung cancer live for at least five years after diagnosis. The five-year survival rate for people diagnosed with lung cancer that has spread (metastasized) to other areas of the body is 3 percent. Of the survived cases about 90% is due to surgery and balance by chemotherapy or radiotherapy. There are pros and cons using chemotherapy or radiotherapy is readily available on the internet . Both of these treatment as they can cause side effects or worse still cause secondary cancer.

The human body can defend itself against bacteria and viruses and even kill cancer cells through intervention of our immune system. Chemotherapy kills cancer cells as well as other useful cells including immune system cells (white blood cells) which are needed to defend our body against diseases and cancer. When someone has cancer he/she needs to strengthen his/her immune system to fight off the cancer. So chemotherapy cannot be considered as a good treatment for cancer and the same applies to radiotherapy. Furthermore doctors cannot detect cancer via X-Ray or MRI when it is smaller than 1 centimetre in size which is equivalent to 1,000 million cancer cells. So if a person has say 10 million cancer cells remaining in his/her body after chemotherapy or radiotherapy, doctors will say that the cancer is in remission as it can’t be detected. But don't be surprised when a cancer patient suffer a relapse even after a remission.

To understand how to treat cancer we need to know why normal cells that make up tissues and organs become cancerous. In Andreas Moritz book Cancer Is Not A Disease!It's A Survival Mechanism normal cells when continuously exposed for years to toxic environment become cancerous in order to survive. Reason being cancer cells have higher survival rate compared to normal cells as cancer cells thrives in anaerobic (lack of oxygen) environment, can generate its own blood vessels to supply nutirents, able to multiply more rapidly, can disguise itself from immune system cells, can dissolve normal cell walls and invade them, and can produce chemicals to destroy white blood (immune system)cells. In fact cancer cells can survive indefinitely in laboratory while normal cells can multiply about 53 times before it stop and cell death occurs. So the secert to treat cancer is to reverse the toxic environment that finally trigger normal cells to become cancerous. Cleansing of the the cell internal toxic environment and improving blood circulation can be achieved by application of Cupping and Pure Salt Therapy.

Treatment of cancer based on Cupping and Pure Salt therapy essentially comprise of :

1. Aggressive cupping (see my website or details) which is painful and each cupping session will last 1 to 1-1/2 hours per day and it can take up to 60 days to complete. The purpose is to clean the cancer patient's blood which is starved of oxygen and nutrients (food, vitamins, etc) that feed the red blood cells and white blood cells (immune system cells) therefore strengthening their function to supply oxygen and fight germs/cancer cells respectively. Aggressive cupping will leave dark marks (not scars) on the cupped area for up to 1-1/2 years which is why it is recommended for serious disease like cancer. Can substitute blood cupping for aggressive cupping in certain cancer like breast, lung, liver, kidney, stomach and colon cancer.

2. Consumption of Pure Salt which also acts as a cleansing agent to remove toxins and gases in the blood. This involves drinking at least 30 hours pure salt (normally 200 hours pure salt for cancer) which start with 2 packets per day and gradually increasing by 1 pack every other day. i.e 2 packs day1, 3 packs day 2, 4 packs day 3 and so on until the patient start to purge (release watery stools). Once purging start the patient to reduce by 1 pack and continue the same number of packs everyday . So if the patient start to purge after 10 packs then the patient should continue to drink 9 packs everyday from then on. Cancer patients can consume up to 20 packs per day and the pure salt consumption can last up to 1 year.

3) Bowing exercise (repeated standing to prostrate position and back) start with 30 times a day and gradually increase to 500 times per day.

4) Drink at least 2 litres of distilled water per day.

5) Avoid oily/fatty food , junk food, no meat, no sugar, and eat lots of fresh vegetable/fruits.

6) Have positive thoughts that cancer can be cured and posses a strong desire to live. Mind-body interaction is very important to good health. In this regard prayers does help cancer patient to recover.

If a cancer patient is willing to do all the above everyday without fail and not give up half-way (need a strong willpower and discipline) then he/she can consider cupping and pure salt therapy. The duration of treatment can take shorter or longer and we may see improvement in symptoms after 3 to 6 months. The actual aggressive cupping to be carried out by the cancer patient’s close family, relatives or friend. To take note that Cupping and Pure Salt therapy is not done on cancer patient who has undergone extensive chemotherapy as it will reduce red blood cells production and kill white blood cells which are needed to fight cancer.  

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