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                                   PURE SALT CAN SAFELY REMOVE TOXINS FROM YOUR BODY

ترجمة من الانكليزية الى العربية من فضلك جوجل فوق ترجمة 'اختر اللغة' التبويب (أعلى الزاوية اليسرى) واختر اللغة العربية من القائمة.

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Common table salt produced from the sea or salt mines is believed to be dangerous to a person's health as it cause high blood pressure. Therefore it is recommended to reduce intake of table salt in our diet to avoid increase risk of heart attack, stroke or kidney failure. This issue has been the subject of various research whose conclusion either  support or oppose this recommendation. It is known that about 25% of the human population are salt sensitive individuals whose blood pressure rise when taking more than the recommended 5 grams per day of salt. There are research which shows that low salt diet in some people can increase the risk of heart attack or cause low blood pressure. Please click on 'more articles' at bottom of this page to review the various articles.

Table salt is harmful to humans because it  contains unwanted dissolved gases, bittern (things that solidify soya bean) and heavy metals and about 80 minerals. Dissolved gases in the blood cause cells and blood vessels to expand and cannot relax resulting in high blood pressure. Bittern solidifies protein in the blood and cause blood to thicken thus causing poor blood circulation to various parts of the body like the arms, legs and increase workload on our heart and kidney. Though there is only minute quantities of heavy metal in table salt the consumption of table salt say over long period of 30 years adds up to a toxic quantity as it accumulate in our body. The 80 different minerals from table salt is not useful because of the great difficulty of our body to absorb these minerals into our cells due to its inorganic nature. Human cells can only absorb organic minerals from plants which produce it from inorganic minerals in the soil. Due to its poor absorption by cells, these minerals affect our blood circulation while some minerals form solid deposits e.g. urinary or kidney stones which cause severe pain and bleeding problems.

Due to the presence of dissolved gases in table salt it cannot remove gases in blood and only aggressive pure salt can eliminate the gases and reduce high blood pressure. Pure salt is without any bittern and can get rid of bittern thus preventing the formation of thickened blood which lead to circulatory disease e.g. intermittent claudication (pain when walking) and heart or kidney problems. Also pure salt can remove heavy metals and minerals from our blood and prevent heavy metal poisoning and formation of urinary and kidney stones.

Diabetes is a serious disease of the pancreas whereby the body either produce no insulin, very little insulin or where the body develop insulin resistance to control sugar (glucose) level in our blood. In additon diabetes can cause the onset of other serious disease like heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, blindness, nerve damage and gangrene resulting in amputation. We can use pure salt to treat diabetes due to its ability to neutralize and normalize glucose level in the blood. Diabetes can be considered as a condition of too much sugar rather than a disease of the pancreas and applying salt therapy comprising of salt intake, salt bath, exercise, controlled diet and stress reduction programme can lead diabetics to the road to recovery. Please click the link at the bottom of this page 'Effect of Pure Salt on Glucose Concentration' to view the power of Pure Salt in reducing the concentration of sugar.

The human liver is one of the most complex organs and one of its main function is to remove toxins and harmful substances that enter the blood stream. The liver has a salt concentration of 0.9 to 1.2 % which is enough to control the growth of bacteria and virus in the liver. The presence of higher sugar content in the blood will cause salt to be released from the liver to neutralize its effects. This result in a lower liver salt content which allow viruses to multiply and cause the liver disease hepatitis. Pure salt can help to treat hepatitis by increasing the liver salt content which suppress viral growth.

The aggressive nature of pure salt lies in the removal of unwanted dissolved gases, bittern and heavy metals and minerals during its production process. This makes pure salt aggressive or hungry for the same items that was removed from it. Pure salt is produced by heating at high temperature sea salt in an alumina oven using electricity. Initial heating to 800 degrees celcius cause sea salt to melt and becomes fully liquid at 1000 degrees celcius whereby heavy metals & minerals collect at the bottom of the oven while dissolved gases and lighter impurities are expelled, The 99% pure salt is separated from the heavy metal and minerals and is then cooled, grounded into a fine powder and packed in 3 grams sachet (treatment salt) or 30 grams packet (bath or cooking salt)
The temperature of pure salt is maintained at 1000 degrees celcius for 2 hours (bath salt), 15 hours, 30 hours, 50 hours, 96 hours (women salt) , 200 hours, 500 hours, 1000 hours and 2000 hours.

The effectiveness and price of pure salt increase with the number of hours sea salt is heated and maintained at 1000 degrees celcius. Cooking salt is produced by collecting left over of treatment salt from the oven. Consume 15 hours pure salt for health maintenance and at least 30 hours for treatment, increased hour rating for more serious diseases e.g. cancer, kidney malfunction, liver disease


Water forms about 70% of weight of human body and is present everywhere such as blood, lymph, mucus, tears, sweat, urine etc. Lack of water causes many serious problems such as temperature rise (fever), poor blood circulation (poor health of cells), reduced ability to eliminate toxins from body (sweat, urine, mucus) and in severe cases leads to disorientation, coma and death. Distilled water is available from supermarket or grocery stores or we can purchase a home distiller (about 4 litres capacity). What is important is to drink distilled water in sufficient quantity with pure salt to prevent and treat diseases.

The purest form of water is distilled water whereby all minerals, chemicals/organic compounds/heavy metals are removed and bacteria/virus/parasites are killed. In the human body, distilled water acts like a magnet that picks up discarded and unwanted debris from blood and eliminates it via lungs, kidneys (urine) and skin (perspiration) with assistance of circulation (blood) and lymphatic system. Daily consumption of 1.5 to 2 litres of distilled water is important to good health.
A common misunderstanding about distilled water is that it does not provide required daily minerals and it causes minerals to be leached from cells. The former is false because human cells cannot assimilate (absorb) large size inorganic minerals found in say mineral water or tap water.

If we were to meet our daily needs from mineral or tap water,  we must drink 676 glasses of tap or mineral water for calcium, 848 glasses for iron, etc.Taking of mineral supplements (inorganic source) is also not sufficient as shown by intake of 23 kg of inorganic calcium supplement is equivalent to consuming one stick of carrot to obtain the same calcium content in cells. The best source of minerals is from organic sources i.e. vegetables, fruits, nuts, milk, meat etc . Plants convert minerals from inorganic to organic form which is easily absorbed by cells. Plants are then eaten by animals where the organic form remains. In fact, organic minerals accounts for 90% of our bodies need while 10% comes from inorganic sources. Leaching of minerals from body cells due to drinking of distilled water is not possible and won't take place as the body regulates its minerals content in blood and lymph within a safe acceptable range. Drinking distilled water with organic minerals supplied by food (90% daily needs) does not result in low mineral content in blood or lymph 

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